Unlimited Trading's core business is to focus on procurement and providing exceptional services that improves the process efficiency and reduces costs for our valued customers.

We offer our customers the convenience of having multiple needs sourced from one company, saving you time and money. You will never have to leave your office or deal with various suppliers and have several suppliers. Unlimited Trading was established as a procurement company for supplying and servicing the public and private sector. We believe that putting our values into practice is more important than on paper.

We are committed to service delivery and our role is to deliver the best value to customers in local government and the wider public sector through the efficient procurement and supply of essential goods and services. Our expertise lies in the ability to locate, purchase and deliver all supplies and services required by our valued customers in a timely and cost effective manner. Unlimited Trading is a new, young and dynamic company and given the opportunity we believe we can achieve our vision and goals. Our staff are our asset and have the skills and knowledge to deliver no matter what it takes.

Unlimited Trading wishes to increase our staff complement as we grow and in the same way creating employment and skills development and involvement in community outreach programmes.We have a total of over 30 years experience in the procurement environment, and have the skill  knowledge, and experience to deliver.

Unlimited Trading is a Proudly South African Company.